Other Beverages


Using fresh ground ginger roots as a base, lightly sweetening with agave and carbonating. This all natural bubbly drink has a flavoursome gingery kick that is highly refreshing.


Deliciously revitalising cold brew coffee featuring fresh roasted ‘Santos Beans’. We serve this on nitrogen to give it a magnificent finishing crema. We have left this unsweetened for the hard core ‘coffee heads’, but we also have agave on hand to sweeten by request.


Using Hibiscus flower (referred to locally as flor de Jamaica) infused with a slight amount of agave, we have developed a beautiful crimson soda that maintains the aromatic flavours of the Hibiscus flower without being overpowered with sweetness.


Refreshingly thirst quenching, we have hand made a traditional Limónada, slightly sweetened it with agave and finished it off with a light carbonation it to give it a little something extra. At your request, we can also add some bitters in for additional flavours.